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Your Tasks

It is among your tasks to test components or modules during the development or to check the manufacturing quality of devices. You want to reliably safe, find back, analyze, and compare data from your test series. You want to automate the acquisition, analysis, and reporting of your data, in order to decrease cycle time, reduce costs, harmonize work procedures, and increase quality. You want to outsource tasks or consult with a competent partner in order to find optimal solutions and to benefit from the know-how of a company, which is active in many different industrial sectors.

Enhance Technics

You want to supply existing test rigs with state-of-the-art data acquisition and analyzing equipment, or to create new ones based on modern techniques. You set value on modular architecture both in hardware and software, in order to flexibly react to new testing tasks. You want to manage information about test planning and execution, and the acquired data in an intelligent way.

Reduce Costs

The entire organization of your tests, analyses, evaluations, and reports shall be transparent and clearly arranged. Test rigs, test regulations, and necessary software components shall be arranged in a way that specially trained employees only have to prepare work. Parameterization is done by semiskilled users, the actual testing and analysis runs automatically.

Educate and Train Your Employees

You want your employees to get trained, to be familiar with up-to-date technique, and to understand how to find saving potentials within the use of modern equipment and methods.